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Our project will allow you to activate any social networks’ accounts by receiving SMS on our phone numbers.

About 247PVA

247PVA is a project aimed at improving service of customers who are interested in multiple or single activation of social networks’ accounts, payment systems, microblogs, and many other online services that require confirmation of a registration by a mobile phone number
Our goal is to enhance the scope of SMS activations, be closer to a customer, and develop new approaches for the verification of accounts and receiving SMS in particular. Distinctive features of our service are the following:
We don’t have a rating or other systems of users          re striction
* We don’t have delays and queues
* We do not draw the line between wholesalers and regular users
* Round the clock customer support
* Excellent referral system
* You’re not just buying one SMS, you’re renting a number for 15 minutes
* We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, CreditCard (Visa, MasterCard with 3D Secure) and Neteller


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Facebook does not need an introduction. It is a forefather of all modern social networks. Accounts of this social network are highly valued among those who work abroad online.



WhatsApp is one of the first messengers. It was bought by Facebook and became chargeable. But only recently it has become completely free and once again is gaining popularity among SMM



Instagram is the largest and most popular photo social network. It is one of the most profitable social networks among SMM. Traffic of this network is perfectly converted into different affiliate programs



Google is the largest search engine in the world. Accounts of this search engine are highly valued on the market of SMM. Google is a great priority for Get-SMS.



Tinder is a dating website. It is very popular abroad. Traffic from both women and men is converted well on various affiliate programs



Yahoo is the oldest mailer. Once it was popular in our country, but then its popularity began to wind down. At the moment its accounts are perfect for everyday tasks of SMM.



Yandex is one of the most popular search engines in the world. You can get an SMS from it for all related services (Yandex.Money, account verification, etc.) 



Telegram is a messenger that focuses on the safety of users and encryption of all data. It is in great demand abroad among SMM.

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